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Human resources

Traduction : Stéphanie Orace

– I am fed up with all this. Lost fights in the institution that destroys in destroyed neighborhoods. Speak about Brittany!
– Listen, I am in the middle of my orchard. Have you seen the pictures?
– Yes it is all setwhich I found incredible! We can see the cabin and the kiosk, we can see that it is beautiful!
– It will be wonderful: all the friends who can not bear it anymore will be able to come and rest there. Your kids will enjoy boat fishing on the pond you will see.
– For sure.
– I just need to find 30,000 euros! But otherwise it’s ready! Even for the open-aircinema, I already got chairs. I need 40 but you have no idea how many people are getting rid of their old armchairs on in the area!
– But you buy it alone or with some people?
– Ouh lalalal! All alone! The last thing I want right now is to experiment horizontality while I’m actually the manager of my kiosk.
– Yes you are right…
– The team that will set-up a cycling-in cinema will be paid. Either in currency or in use of the land. Lending to those who want to be involved. Sounds like it’s trendy to save sperm whales stranded on beach. Orcharitable trusts doing translationthat want to have a dance-hall on a beautiful day.
– And some subsidies?
– I don’t want any at all. Buy my land, screenmy girlfriends’ movies and invite friends. Go to my own pace too. If I get public money, I will become demanding, you know, because of Mouchkine. Easy going. But finding fund for a leisureland is not easy. The ‘MAIF’* failed me. She is ok to lend me100,000 for an apartment but not 30,000 for a land. It’s too much or it’s not enough. I didn’t get it well.
Adèle is laughing.
– I have an ex who has money somewhere in Asia …
– Well go ahead that’s good!
– Yeah but it’s been 14 years since I called him. It’s ok you think?Adele’s having a laugh.
– so, you do not dare to call Human Resources and ask them to do their job and listen you saying »I have 3 kids so I can not afford a burn out”, which is true you have 3 children and you can not afford a burn out, and I would have to call my ex to ask for news and 30,000 bullets?
We are having a good laugh.
– But who’s next, how are the neighbors?
– There are not many, it’s a protected area. North side, there is the city that begins with its cafes if you go up the small hill to leave the small valley. And on the other side there is the South and the beginning of the hiking trails. There is a beautiful house, it is an old water mill with a friendly family that will give me the two sheep and who wants to buy a small part of the landas a cooperative to make a(true) orchard.
– Sheep are for?
– Mowing the lawn.
– Oh, yes. Okay. Then have to get out of Paris with Alex and the kids.
– Yeah, I even suggest you to go directly to Plan B by skipping the burn-out box, calling Jean-Jacques thingamajig and Brigitte thingummy at 2pm and giving me some news. Have to find the kind and competent person hidden in the organisation chart. On my side, I have one choice only: I must find a patron. And I haven’t told you: Caroline is fine to come to the first screening!
– In Ille-et-Vilaine? isn’t it too far from the Canal Saint-Martin?
– She will come she said!
– So that means you have to start, you have to collect as many euros as possible!
When would be the première?
– Spring 2019, easily, but, Caroline, you think she would make it up to a boat trip?!?

* MAIF (Mutuelle d’assurance des instituteurs de France) : French insurance for primary school teachers