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Intercultural is not simple

« Intercultural is not simple. »



Traduction : Livia 

                We already failed in ten minutes when we wanted all the languages to be on the same plan on the website…

We agreed on highlighting the French language because otherwise it may not have been clear enough. From the moment a programme appeared on the banner, I felt that Rémi was happy.

Then he started talking to me about identity. Graphic. We had to think of a nonlinguistic sign which would represent the Kiosque.

Marie started working on it. I found everything beautiful. But I had to see what I saw and guess what other people would see.

On the first one, I saw a kiosque with a dot on it and it reminded me of my farsi classes. I learn how to draw the alphabet and how to put the dots at the right places on the letters. My teacher is very patient.


Marie told me about a woman with her arms wide open carrying a table. It’s Rita she said.


I started thinking it was really complicated.

On the other one, I saw a copyright. We were considering the question of rights on the website. In the public domain? Or futile attempt to an intellectual protection? We had a lot of questions and few answers.


Rémi said he liked the second one because it looked a bit anarchistic.


I almost freaked out. Not because I’m not anarchistic. Because of all these possible meanings in one drawing. I still hadn’t asked the multilinguals what they thought about it because Omar was confined to bed and I was in the Pyrenees. On Analytstic, we could see that an eleventh region just joined the website visitors list. It was California. The Pyrenees sounded splendid, I said no to pressure and yes to polysemy!


                I asked Marie if she could put the open-armed woman in the circle that Rémi saw as anarchistic. And that’s it.