In english

Jean will save us

Traduction : Stéphanie Orace



– What?Two months ago you did not have the money and now you do! What the fuck ?
– No, I’m preparing my fundraising campaign. But I’m bored with crowdfunding sites. They piss me off. They take advantage.
– You have to tell them everything in advance. All the stages, all the objectives, it puts pressure.
– And it’s upside down their stuff. But it’s trendy. I will not be called back to define the relationship before having experienced it. I would like to do it the right way. The land will build me, it is not me who will build the land. And then all these fundraising sites over there. Do you want to give? Send cash. Old school.
We laughed of course. The guy who sells his pancakes as well, I’ll have to ask him. How he did it.
– But people will think it’s a scam!
– Can send me a check too. Do you forward this kind of campaign?
– I do! Always! But you need a bank account forchecks right?
– Give me some money for my house! That’s what we have to for-ward?
– I’ve just left the post office. I wanted to open a mailbox. To bring in checks. A ticket clerk asked me if it was for a company. I said yes that’s it. I found myself in front of a guy who gave me two cards. His for sending the flyers for the organization – I am the mail advisor, you will have many letters to post we will talk aboutit – and that of his colleague for money related concerns.
– So what, you don’t want a bank account either?
– Without the banks, I would have really liked. But I’ve just looked at the card. The guy’s name is Jean Moulin.

Stephanie Orace