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Money isn’t everything

Money isn’t everything

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Discussing The Kiosque with Xavier


-You know the really rich used to hand out money to associations so as to be nefit from tax credits but they’ve stopped now the government no longer taxes at such high rates.[1]

– You mean to say the super rich couldn’t give a fig for works of art and the change in the law has shown them up for what they are ?

 -Yes, I suppose so.

–  Oh wow they must be in a badway. After they had managed to hide the fact that they had a third second home and felt bad about having bought it with dubious proceeds obtained during world war 2…

– Yes, one of these days we are going to have to help them out.

-But in the mean time, what are we going to do ? We will have be really careful, spending in dribs and drabs, what a pain !

– Yep that’s it.

– Phewitis not going to be easy. Can you see us inviting guest artists like Andrea Artistico, Hassan Yassin, Senem Diyici, and Patrick Prigent and asking them to sleep under canvas ?!? Some welcome !!

– Sure, we’d all prefer a comfortable hotel like the Filanderie. The next person to offer us funds had better be attractive.

-OK, but if it was a woman you’d be ready to sort her out ? Personally I’d rather brave the weather  and sell chestnuts.

[1] ISF :Wealthtax