In english

She speaks Farsi !

Traduction : Stéphanie Orace



– It is aimed at parisians your campaign isn’t it?
– Mmm you’re right.
– Well you seem to easy at speaking, I would say that one more word is needed in
for me to support you.
– I insert the word « sperm whale » like the one we’ve just seen in the clouds and you
participate in my campaign?
– Let’s go.
– I’ll do that tomorrow.
– But why Rita’s kiosk?
– It came like that, it sounds good.
– But you know people might think that your name is Rita?
– It doesn’t matter, I’ve always liked this name. And we checked with Rémi. It isfree on Google.
– Can I call you Rita then? I too have lots of nicknames you know.

The two guys are having a break on the way to their evening picnic laughing at us:
– Good morning!

We are speaking globish.

– I’m here since 2014.
– Wow. Not me. I’m just arrived. I was born here but I was in Paris.

Angélique’s crying out:
– You come from Afghanistan? She speaks farsi!
– No? You speak farsi really? What’s your name?
– Not yet! I’m going to learn. But my name is Rita.

Stephanie Orace